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PAT Testing (Portable Appliances Testing)

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PAT Testing :

PAT Testing stands for Portable Appliance Testing. It is one of the services offered by AllNAll Solutions, and most of the time, we can beat any valid quotes.

Most companies use people who are qualified for PAT Testing only, but we rely on our endorsed and accredited Electricians. Our Electric Engineers are paid on a fixed rate rather than per item, to encourage them to do thorough PAT testing.

Owners of rental property or business premises have to provide a safe environment for occupants.

PAT Testing ensures that any electric appliances in use are safe for the end user.

Our engineers will carry out a detailed inspection visually and electronically. We document the test results and inspection details, which will be given to you as a certificate to retain in your official records.

Annual inspection and testing

Minimum disruption during testing

Within the schedule

Detailed report with recommendations

Safety of everyone around

Guarantee to beat any valid quote


“AllNAll Solutions has completed the PAT testing effectively in agreed time scale, they are one of the cheapest one I have come across. Overall Very good service provided”

Hari Atwal, WMFS

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